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Domination of the SPOOKS – Chapter 4

I'm launching my first fiction series this month with the SPOOK & GOON Space Adventures. I'm writing the fourth book right now and the first three will be released over the next few months.

While I'm waiting for the official edits, I'm uploading the short-story prequel, Domination of the SPOOKS, chapter by chapter over the next two weeks. This is the unedited version so please forgive any errant wording.

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Chapter 4

The man in black clicked his key fob and opened the door to his black Audi sedan. He removed his coat and sat down in the driver’s seat, immediately closing and locking the door.

He looked back towards Commander Weisman’s office. He could see him shuffling a batch of papers around his desk, hunting for as much info he could get his hands on about Dom Wagner. Good move, Commander, he thought to himself. Anything to keep him busy.

The man in black already had every bit of info on Dom that he needed. He just wanted to see how thorough the Commander would be at following orders. If he could trust him to provide every last bit of info he expected, maybe he could prove useful down the line. He had some ideas on possible promotions for the Commander, but this would be a useful first test.

He pulled out his iPhone and checked his latest messages. Nothing urgent had come through from his boss, so all was good at the moment. He opened his Twitter feed to mindlessly scroll through stupid human tricks. It was mostly drivel, mindless blather about cats and pigs and politics. He only scanned it for the odd bit of intel that occasionally seeped through. That time, he noticed a tweet from Fox News about some former military officer chattering about an alien colony on the outer rim of Saturn. He clicked the link and forwarded the tweet to his email account to review later.

He looked up from his feed and saw Dom entering the office and flirting with the secretary. She lit up when he entered the room. He could definitely prove useful, he thought.

He swiped up to close Twitter and checked the weather. A storm was approaching from the west bringing hail and high winds. He dropped his phone in the passenger seat and started the car. No sense getting his new shoes wet since the morning forecast had been sunny and dry. Someday they’ll learn to get the forecasts right, he thought. 

He dropped the car into reverse, taking care not to hit any cadets in his blind spot. The sensors didn’t beep so he kept going until he’d swung completely around. His phone chimed an alert, but he ignored it while he dropped the car into drive and took off for the highway.

* * *

Dom always admired older women, especially when they took care of themselves like Darcy. She was around 30, just slightly out of range for him but she didn't mind. She melted every time he stepped into the office and smiled before he’d say hello. Why couldn’t guys my age be that charming, she thought, dropping her pencil to the floor without thinking?

Dom immediately lunged for it in one smooth motion as she swiveled around in her chair to face him. As she bent over, Dom caught a whiff of her perfume. “Is that new, Darcy? I don’t think I’ve smelled that on you before.”

Dom immediately lunged for it in one smooth motion as she swiveled around in her chair to face him. As she bent over, Dom caught a whiff of her perfume. “Is that new, Darcy? I don’t think I’ve smelled that on you before.”

“Yes, I picked it up over the weekend,” she said. “Do you like it?”

“It smells wonderful, as pretty as you are,” he replied. He really did like it, but anything she wore would be an improvement over most of what was worn around the academy. “Here’s your pencil. Looks like the tip broke off, though. Let me sharpen it for you.”

He stepped to the side desk and inserted the pencil. The whirring motor chewed down the broken stub and replaced it with a nice, sharp point. “It’s cute that you still use a pencil in this day and age of computers and iPads.”

“it’s a nostalgia thing,” she said. “Plus, I can easily erase whatever I need to fix.”

She wasn’t the only one into nostalgia. Weisman kept a fountain pen and inkwell on his desk, ready to file and flair.

“Here you go, all sharp and ready to go.” He handed her the pencil, and she smiled back up at him. “I see Commander Weisman is busy so I’ll just stop by later.”

“Yes, he just finished a meeting but asked not to be interrupted the rest of the afternoon. I’m sure he saw you out here so I’ll touch base before I leave at 5:00.”

Dom headed back out the door, making a left turn to head to the coffee shop down the hall. He thought it might be a late night so he’d definitely need some caffeine to stay awake.

From the forthcoming short story, Domination of the SPOOKS: A Man Meets His Mission.

Copyright © 2018 Chad V. Holtkamp.

All rights reserved.

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