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Mission 3 of the SPOOK & GOON Space Adventures

What could go wrong?

On the remote planet paradise of Polarus, a scientist and his beautiful niece carry out mutation experiments.

Major Jock Saunders, Agent Dom Wagner, and Special Liaison Wilhelm deliver a crate of venomous frogs and snakes, finally completing their original mission after a detour with the slave traders on Veibos.

An urgent message from the Federated Union on the return trip orders the team back to Polarus to find the scientist after he goes missing.

Featuring frogs, tigers, elephants, and chimps, Aliens, Frorees, and Chaugnauts, as well as another appearance by the dreaded Adjuster Pietz, you’ll want to warp jump right into Mission 3 of the SPOOK & GOON Space Adventures.

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