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Dark Sky

Dark Sky contains the following novel, novella and five space opera short stories:

Raptor Team

In the 25th century, Earth remains home base for teams of interplanetary explorers.

During a retrieval mission to the far side of the galaxy, a repair mishap lands the crew of the research vessel Magnatronix in the middle of an intergalactic war.

Can they stay alive to collect the mystery object and make it back to Earth in one piece?


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The short prequel to The SPOOK & GOON Space Adventures series, Dom Wagner is the top cadet at The Academy, preparing for a life of military service.

While he dreams of adventure, everything comes easily for him — hand-to-hand combat, surveillance, computer hacking, weapons. He takes nothing seriously, even finding time to schmooze with the brass as well as the ladies.

Dom soon comes face to face with an opportunity that could change his life forever.

Will he rise to the challenge?

Stargate Control

Next stop, the sunny moon of Marisol…

With his trusty pup and a newbie co-pilot by his side, Captain Mark Reynolds managed to emerge unscathed after smuggling a cache of weapons to band of foolhardy rebels with their backs against the wall. Surprised to hear from an old friend, he set his sights on a little beach R&R.

Rigel 17

Some things never change…

Feeling a bit under the weather, Arvid Tannersmith checked himself into sickbay. As usual, the wait was the worst part.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just try not to get caught…

Faren loved sneaking away to the ship’s shooting range in the middle of the night, even more now that he could break in his new blaster.

The Cleanup Crew

It’s a dirty job…but somebody has to do it.

When the smoke clears after a ferocious space battle, the heroes celebrate while the real work begins.

Running From Mars

Jake Smathers is outta time…

Escaping without a plan from a bad situation on a rough section of Mars, he finds a long-dead transport module. Freedom is his if he can only get it off the ground.

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