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Blog Flashback – “Work Out, Pig Out” blew up Amazon!

I’m taking a look back this week at a few of my favorite blog posts from my first blog,

This one is from July 13, 2015, the day after I launched my first book, Work Out, Pig Out, on Amazon. It was one of the most exciting days of my life, watching the book being downloaded at a rate of nearly six copies per minute.

I'm running a special 99 cent promotion this week so be sure to check it out if you don't have a copy.


Work Out, Pig Out blew up Amazon!

Work OutPig Out blew up Amazon! Last chance to get your FREE copy. Price goes up at 2pm.

– #59 in the Top 100 Chart on the Free Kindle Store (as of 8:00 A.M. CDT)

– #1 Bestseller in Health, Fitness, & Dieting

Screenshot 2015-07-13 05.21.52






– #1 Bestseller in Exercise & Fitness

Screenshot 2015-07-13 05.24.31






– #1 Bestseller in Diets & Weight Loss

Screenshot 2015-07-13 05.22.18






– #1 Bestseller in Diets

Screenshot 2015-07-13 05.23.00






– #1 Bestseller in Weight Loss Diets

Screenshot 2015-07-13 05.23.28






– #1 Bestseller in Weight Maintenance Diets

Screenshot 2015-07-13 05.23.43

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