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Star Wars Celebration 2019

A buddy of mine came in town this weekend and we headed downtown to check out Star Wars Celebration. We've been friends since the 9th grade so it was cool to catch up.

Tank and Han Solo

He's been going to the Celebrations for years and is sort of a mini-celebrity at them. It doesn't hurt that he has a killer Han Solo costume and knows every bit of dialogue from all the movies.

A few years back, he shot a Star Wars fan film about the Imperial Academy. I played Tank, briefly mentioned by Luke at the beginning of A New Hope. I kept the costume at the end of the shoot, never imagining I'd wear it again.

As expected people came from all over the world. We bumped into Simon from Sheffield, England. We had a fun chat about Def Leppard and Sheffield steel.

Simon from Sheffield

And you never know when you'll run into someone you know at a place like that. This is one of my chiropractor and his family.

Tank, Chewie, Leia, and Baby Luke

We never got close enough to see any of the big stars, only from the big screen. BB-8 has a new friend.

BB-8's new friend

Shortly after, they unveiled the teaser trailer. I never watch trailers for any movie since they usually give away too much.

I watched this one.

I'm guessing I wasn't the only one who got choked up when Lando came onscreen. The legendary Billy Dee Williams looks amazing at 82!

Having been a fan since the original in 1977, it's amazing how many little kids are so into it. This little girl was so cute as Rey.

Mace Windu, Han Solo, Mara Jade, Rey

Tank and the Cantina Band

Tank and Wicket raise a glass

Tank and a Gammorean Guard

Short Round finds Dr. Jones

Chef Vader