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Random Fiction #3 – 121618

“Do you know where you are?”

It was a simple question, direct from the mouth of someone who obviously knew the answer. I, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky.

I fought to open my eyes. They felt like they'd been cemented shut with Loctite a million moons ago. The pounding in my head throbbed mercilessly the more I tried to open them.

I stopped.

I tried to speak.

Opening my mouth, I cricked my neck upward as I tried to force the words to form in the back of my throat. I emitted only a pitiful squeak, more like a tiny mouse mixed with a lion cub I once saw online than any known manly sound I'd ever produced.

My head sank back down into the cushy down pillow, the pungent scent of Downy dryer sheets assaulting my nostrils. A wave of itchiness started from the back of my neck and marched forward around to my face and nose. I knew it was all my in head, a nervous reaction based on my irrational hatred of synthetic laundry products.

Psychosomatic or not, my nose itched. I lifted my right hand to scratch it but only managed to raise it a few inches off the bed before the thick leather restraints kicked in, the smooth suede interior contrasting sharply with the hard leather edges as they dug into my wrists.

That didn't bode well for me getting to my next appointment, whatever that was.

I heard a chair scrape hard against a tile floor. I felt the heat of the woman sitting in that chair as she leaned in over my chest, the thin poly/cotton fabric providing scant coverage. I could feel her gaze as she studied my face. I could only imagine what I looked like, but the sweet smell of cinnamon and cloves painted a vivid picture.

At least I could open my mouth, that it wasn't wired shut or anything. I dabbed my tongue in each corner, slowly licking and then biting my bottom lip. As my top two teeth dug into the soft skin, It felt swollen, though I was in no pain. I felt oddly relaxed. The earlier itch subsided as soon as I realized I was tied down, a minor irritation replaced by something more urgent.

I could feel her leaning in ever closer. Her hot breath smelled faintly of red onions as she hovered over my face, replacing the soothing vision of cinnamon with something more haggard. I flinched when I felt her hand softly caress the temple above my left eye, brushing my stubbly scalp with her moist fingertips.

The quiet whir of machines echoed in the background as I waited for her to say more. I racked my brain trying to figure out who she was from the briefest of questions. I didn't hear anything else save the ticking of the watch on her right wrist. I didn't know they still made ticking watches.

My ears focused on that sound as she stroked my face with the back of her fingertips. It grew louder and louder until it was all I could hear. Dear God, make it stop. Save me from the ticky watch.

She must have sensed my growing anxiety. She quickly pulled herself away and eased herself back down into her seat. The chair roared again as it scraped backward on the tile. The ticking ceased as she placed her hands in her lap, her inner thigh muffling the movement of the watch as time marched on.

She began to cry. I heard her inhale lightly as she tried to stop herself, the whistle of air through her nose as she suppressed a sniffle. I heard her hand brush against her cheek, flicking away the offending tear as she stifled a cough. The waterworks began in earnest.

I fought hard against the restraints, wishing for the superstrength to release my chains. Up and down I slammed my head against the pillow, each time digging myself deeper into the mass of feathers. The more I struggled, the more April-fresh scent filled the air around my head.

I relaxed once more, my resistance futile.

The muffled wailing continued, interrupted by the occasional honk as she blew her nose.

I grew tired as my eyes twitched rapidly against their lids. I slowed my breathing as I floated further and further away from my present prison to the serenity of sleep.

Her tearful cries faded deeper into the background. The soothing sounds of silence once again filled my ears as I drifted off to dreamland.

Copyright © 2018 Chad V. Holtkamp.

All rights reserved.

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