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Kindle Unlimited & Audible Subscriptions

Two of my favorite memberships

Kindle Unlimited Subscription

With all the writing I've been doing lately, I've been doing a lot of reading for inspiration. I signed up for Kindle Unlimited in late 2016 but didn't put it to use until the last few months. I'm getting my money's worth and love being able to download and read as much as I want fo $9.99 a month.

Some of my favorite reads are below

Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans

Space Team is HILARIOUS! I literally laughed out loud on the bus and El a few times when I first started reading it.

Death Becomes Her SUCKS! I mean that literally and in the nicest way possible. This book is awesome. I started reading it last May and put it down after a few pages. I tried again and picked it back up in January, reading it in a day. Michael Anderle is a genius with 21 books in the series.

Fallen Out is something completely different. The first book in an adventure series set in the Florida Keys, lots of action with boats and guns. Plus, Wayne Stinnett seems like the kind of guy who'd be cool to hang with and have a beer with at a beach bar.

Hugh Howey is a legend in self-publishing. I'd heard his name mentioned quite a bit when I first started writing books in 2015. It wasn't until I saw his posts on CruisersForum about building a custom 50′ catamaran sailboat that I finally took notice of his writing. Wool is probably his most famous work but I dug into Molly Fyde, the first book he ever published. I'd hoped it would inspire me as I wrote my first fiction stories but it's way too good for a debut work.

I started my reading binge with Hard Luck Hank, a lovable mutant on a far-off planet.

Audible Subscription

I've also been working from home a lot lately. Watching the news all day long gets old and depressing. What better way to get through it than with audiobooks? I usually put them 1.25 or 1.5 speed and can get through them pretty quickly.

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