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Hot New Releases – GET STRONG GET LEAN

Hot New Releases on Amazon

Get Strong Get Lean

After its first week, Get Strong Get Lean is a Hot New Release on Amazon. It’s pretty cool to see the book ranked on the charts next to a few of my idols in the fitness space.

Dan John has a new audiobook out for the excellent Never Let Go.

Hot New Releases - Get Strong Get Lean

Dan John turned me onto Phil Maffetone’s heart rate training technique and my book was ranked next to one of Phil’s yesterday.

Get Strong Get Lean Amazon Chart Rankings

I’ve also been ranked next to Pavel Tsatsouline’s Power to the People, a book I mention quite a bit in Get Strong Get Lean and my other books as well.

Not sure what Snoopy is doing in there. One of the quirks of Amazon is that there's no real policing of books being in the proper categories.

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