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Happy 20th Anniversary!

New faces in Q-C Underground 

New columnist Chad Holtkamp profiles new act Liz and the Bellyswirls

Twenty years ago today, my first professional newspaper column debuted in The Dispatch and the Rock Island Argus.

I took over writing the “Quad Cities Underground” column from Toni Wilson, focusing on the underserved music market outside of the mainstream rock and blues popular in the area.

My first column was also the debut feature of a young local band, before and after known as Wicked Liz and the Bellyswirls, but listed just as “Liz and the Bellyswirls” that day.

My first QC Underground Column – Sept. 19, 1999

In honor of the 20th anniversary, I'm releasing a collection of all of my columns from the entire run from 1999 – 2005, 70+ columns in all.

Check out Quad Cities Underground, available this weekend from all major online retailers. A 400-page paperback version is slated for release around Halloween as well.

Check out my book page for it – Quad Cities Underground