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Sink or Swing: The Complete Experience

Have you tried and failed to make your healthy routines stick? Discover tested solutions that will fulfill your personal fitness breakthrough.

Are you struggling to find time in your busy schedule for healthy habits? Are you worried that there simply isn't an exercise plan that fits your family, your career, and your life? After years of research, author Chad V. Holtkamp built his ideal workout plan. But when everyday life interfered with his vision, he devised methods for overcoming the roadblocks on his path to a better body. Now, he'll show you how to achieve your goals too!

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Sink or Swing: The Complete Experience is a two-book box set that gives you an in-depth look at Chad’s year-long journey to the best shape of his life. Despite daily temptations and his father’s lung cancer diagnosis, the author developed the tools and attitude to stay on track. Through his methods of diet routines, kettlebell training, and building perseverance, you’ll learn how to reach your ideal body no matter what life throws your way.

In Sink or Swing: The Complete Experience, you’ll discover:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at a real-world fitness success story
  • How to stay committed to your fitness plan even in the face of personal tragedy
  • A step-by-step examination of the 40 Days + 10,000 Swings workout plan
  • How to find a balance between your professional, personal, and fitness challenges
  • What steps you can take to safeguard your plan against life’s everyday distractions and much, much more!

This two-book fitness memoir contains both the second volume and its companion guide from the Home Gym Strong series. If you like funny and earnest fitness tales, step-by-step workout programs, and methods for overcoming difficulties, then you’ll love Chad V. Holtkamp’s life-changing guide.

Buy the box set today for the means and mindset you need for a healthy lifestyle!

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