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1994 was a magical year.

From the highs of Woodstock ’94 and the beginnings of the modern web to the lows of Kurt Cobain's death and O.J. Simpson's freeway chase.

Music was no different with the rise of Green Day, Oasis, and Korn coexisting with the Top 10 reign of Ace of Base.

Writer Chad V. Holtkamp spent the Fall of 1994 as a music reviewer for The Northern Iowan, the college newspaper at the University of Northern Iowa.

He scoured the underground for new releases to feature in a weekly music column, back in the day before the web made finding new music as easy as clicking a button. His reviews spotlighted the famous—Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails, the not so famous—Tripmaster Monkey and Compulsion, to those in between—James, Soup Dragons, and Mojo Nixon.

Rewind 25 years and check out his hot takes in 1994, the second release in the From the Vault Music Series.