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Back to You — Blue Dress — Someday — Sweet Alexis — The Most Beautiful — Fallin' Apart at the Seams — The Star-Spangled Banner

“Pop singer Chad V writes songs with more hooks than a tackle box,” says David Ruby of Dr. Dr. Productions, producer of Chad V’s debut album, “Someday,” coming soon on CV Records.

Indeed, the hooks are strong, reeling listeners in with powerful vignettes culled straight from the heart.  Calling to mind fellow lovelorn rocker Chris Isaak, Chad V’s songs are tales of love and loss, and sometimes, pure happiness.

“Me and Chris Isaak—love gone wrong, baby,” he says with a laugh. “I can’t write something unless I really feel it.  I often wish I could, but it just doesn’t work.  On the plus side, though, I know I’m not the only one whose experienced these things.”

Combining Isaak’s lyrical approach with a variety of guitars, keyboards and drum loops, Chad V manages to create a fresh new sound that’s easily accessible to fans both young and old alike.

“I’m really into pop and dance music,” he says.  “I like the idea of combining the earthy texture of the acoustic guitar with the more synthetic texture of keyboards and drum loops.”

This juxtaposition of sounds works surprisingly well, with Chad V’s sweet, rich baritone rounding out the package.  Foregoing the “eunuch on helium” sound of many of today’s pop singers, Chad V harkens back to the vocal range of the Thin White Duke himself – David Bowie.

“I’m a big guy, so you can’t expect me to sound like a lot of these boy bands,” he says, confessing that “I haven’t always been comfortable with my voice, but a lot of women seem to like it.”  Then a smile crosses his lips and he adds, “And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.”

Somewhat resembling a modern-day Buddy Holly after a shopping trip to Kenneth Cole, the 6’4”, flame-haired Iowa native has an infectious smile and an easygoing, laid-back charm that puts people immediately at ease.  “I try not to be too imposing and people seem to feel that I’m a good listener.”

Right now he’s hoping that it works just as well the other way around, with the release of his first single and subsequent touring in support of that.  His performance of his original songs along with pop and Top 40 covers is sure to set him apart, along with a great stage show.

“Yeah, I’m trying to put on a real show and take it to a different level,” he explains.  “Even though I’m performing solo, I have backing tracks so it sounds like a full band.  And, I’m doing my own songs along with covers of anything from Bowie and Chris Isaak to Savage Garden and Blessid Union of Souls.”

“And I don’t just stand there,” he adds.  “I use a wireless mic so I can move around and dance and interact with the crowd, trying to break down that barrier between audience and performer.  Couple all that with some flashing lights and a fog machine, and it turns into a real party.”

In addition to the music, Chad V also writes freelance entertainment articles for various publications.  His monthly column, “Q-C Underground,” appears in the Moline Dispatch/Rock Island Argus newspaper the last Sunday of each month.

He also does the occasional acting gig, appearing as an extra in director Marc Levin’s 1999 film “Whiteboys” and various corporate videos.  A voracious reader of magazines—music and entertainment, naturally–Chad V loves hanging out in the French Quarter of New Orleans whenever he can.  He says, “I love the beauty and decadence of the city and you can’t beat all the great food.”